JDog – “The U.S. Military Veteran Brand”

Owning a piece of a recognized brand has distinct advantages that translate into real economic value – when you buy a franchise the JDog brand is the foundation of your business. We have invested substantial capital into the brand and we continuously strive to gain recognition for the JDog brand through virtually all media outlets.

JDog Operational System

Successful businesses develop and implement systems to deliver consistent service that is proven, reliable, effective, and ultimately profitable. That’s what you get when you invest in a JDog franchise – a proven system that delivers results – you build a loyal, satisfied customer base without trying to figure out what to do, what works, and what doesn’t.

JDog Bootcamp

After you purchase your franchise you come to JDog’s Corporate Headquarters outside Philadelphia, for a week of thorough training. You will get immersed in every facet of the business from marketing to hauling to accounting! And like bootcamp, you’ll leave smiling, ready start your business.

Web Presence & Identity

With the JDog System, we provide you with an instant web presence – not need to go through the headaches and expense of setting up a website. We set up your own customized webpage accessible from the main JDog website. We can also provide you with all the support you need for Facebook, Twitter, and Google to maximize your online identity!

Trademarked Media Kits

JDog provides all of its franchise partners with a media kit of our trademarked JDog identity package, including logos, color formulas, and other material you may need to the extent you want to develop and produce your own marketing materials, banners, or advertisements.

Public Relations & Marketing Resources

A critical component of the JDog is our PR firm, which is a leading nationally recognized company specializing in the franchise industry. We also engage numerous other marketing resources that are available to help you with your business. JDog has been featured on television, radio, newspapers and magazines all over the world, and we’ve gotten significant recognition that benefits our franchise partners directly.

Grand Opening Market Assault

When you’re ready, JDog team members come out to your town or city and spend time helping you with your Grand Opening! We like to make a celebration out of it and we leverage the resources of our PR firm to help you to get the word out that you’re open for business. In addition to the moral support, we bring boots on the ground to go out into your community and drum up interest!

National Toll Free Number with Call Routing

844-GET-JDOG is all customers need to know – they dial in, type in their zip code and the call is automatically routed right the number you designate!

Strategic Relationship Development

A critical success factor is establishing relationships in your area with vendors with whom you’ll business. The transfer station operators, the recyclers, the haulers – anyone who may be helpful for getting jobs done and anyone you can use to get rid of the junk you pick up. JDog has the reach and the experience to identify the optimal operators, get you the best prices, and help you to establish your footprint!

Experienced Management Team

Many make claims about the experience of their management teams, but JDog Management has proven business experience building large scale businesses for over 25 years. Several of the members of our Management team are private equity investment professionals, who have built and run business operations in a wide range of industries. People make the difference – and our team is focused on ensuring that you are successful – together we’ll build a national business that can dominate the marketplace!

Market Analysis Services

Once you commit to a franchise, our team analyzes your immediate market area and identifies the most active competitors, how long they’ve been operating, and how many jobs they are performing. This information is vital to understanding your market and how to tailor your marketing activity.

24 Hour Operational Support

There is always someone available to answer any questions you have. Whether it’s Jerry, the Big Dog, or a Regional Vice President of Operations, or any other member of the team – we’re always here to help, be a sounding board, or just to listen to your ideas - whether you reach out by phone, email, text!

Multi-level Advisory Board Support

The credentials of the JDog advisors are unparalleled and they are all available and ready to provide help and support whenever you need it. The skills and experience they bring to bear can be invaluable to helping you to access all sorts of resources to ensure your success.

Commercial & Industrial Job Referrals

Part of our mission is to establish national relationships with commercial real estate brokers, property managers, bankruptcy attorneys, bank foreclosure departments, home builders, and others who can provide access to commercial and industrial clean out jobs that JDog franchise operators can execute. These jobs can be very lucrative and can involve recurring business.

Business Development Services

The JDog works on developing new product lines and new revenue streams that our franchise partners can take advantage of. Numerous other ideas are being pursued – we can’t share them or we might have to take military action!

Follow-on Franchise Opportunities

In addition to new lines of business, we are also assessing the feasibility of other service lines we can franchise under the JDog brand, which our franchisees will have first dibs! We’re especially keen on service businesses where the Veteran and Veteran Family Member Exclusivity would be compelling. The sky is the limit here, and we are convinced that JDog can dominate any retail segment it enters, provided the business is highly profitable, has recurring revenue and is in high demand.