We are always happy to give you a “rough estimate” immediately over the phone. No surprise costs when we arrive.

Frequent Asked Questions

The JDog Franchise opportunity requires an industry low $27,500 franchise fee plus $15,000 to $65,000 in additional start-up costs, depending on the type of vehicle you choose, the cost of advertising in your region, and your living expense requirements. JDog does not require expensive real estate commitments like most franchises, and financing is available through third party sources.

The short answer is A LOT! But the details of what you get are described in detail elsewhere on the website. Of course, the fee does secure a territory of at least 200,000 people and 1000’s of businesses where you have the exclusive right to operate the JDog Junk Removal system.

Yes, you can own more than one territory! We actually encourage our potential franchisees to look at becoming EMPIRE BUILDERS (our moniker for a multi-territory owner) if they have the drive, desire, and capital.

Only if you want to! JDog franchise partners are encouraged to engage a team of helpers to do the physical labor while they manage the business to maximize efficiency. JDog does encourage our franchise partners to market their businesses every day- grow awareness of the brand, gain recognition in the community, and develop relationships with other business owners!

The franchise industry is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission that has very specific rules as to what claims franchisors can and cannot make. If you decide to move ahead with our franchise acquisition process, you will be provided with all the requisite information you need to understand the potential income you can derive from ownership of a JDog franchise. The information is found in “Item 19” in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which potential franchisees receive during our qualification process.

In simple terms – competitive advantage – the men and women of the U.S. Military and their families have sacrificed so much for America, and they deserve an exclusive vehicle through which to build valuable businesses from which can derive income and equity value! JDog is the U.S. MILITARY VETERAN BRAND and our business thesis is based on the notion that when the American consumer is given the choice, they will choose to support Military Veteran owned company.

Formal training at JDog boot camp takes place at our corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania. Boot camp takes 4 days and when you’re done you’ll be ready for business. Members of the JDog Management team always spend time with your team for a Grand Opening celebration where we spend a few days helping you at your location. All that said, we’re always available to answer questions, help with quotes, and plan big jobs – and given the ethos of brotherhood among the franchisees, you’re likely to get support from fellow veterans!

When you understand the value you get when you Join the JDog Movement it will become crystal clear why becoming a franchisee is the most effective way to build a business that will have long-lasting equity value and get you and your family the most return for your efforts. You could cart trash with a wheelbarrow too, but it would take millions to build a brand like JDog!

Prior business experience is a plus, but certainly not required! But it is really important that you have an outgoing personality, and that you enjoy marketing and interacting with people. We are firm believers that our successful franchise partners will spend more time guerilla marketing than hauling junk – out in their communities ginning up leads, networking, and promoting the business!

Financing is available through third parties to whom we can refer you.

You can use any truck you like! Our only stipulation is that it be in good working condition, have proper towing capacity, and wrapped in the familiar JDog camo, subject to our approval.

JDog relies upon a number of criteria to evaluate the suitability of a potential franchise partner. Of course military service is a perquisite, financial means are considered, and we like to meet with spouses and family members to ensure our business model is the right fit.

In addition the corporate related support services that come with being a JDog partner, ongoing support that addresses all the day-to-day needs of our franchisees is available at virtually any time. And being an all-veteran military brand, our franchisees support each other in a manner consistent with military tradition. On-going support includes, among other things, “how-to’s” on virtually any junk removal job, assistance with pricing, referrals, contacts for repurposing junk, public relations support, and new service developments.

While it is certainly possible that demand for junk removal services varies by location, our research and experience demonstrates that the market for junk removal nationally is huge ($6B annually) and demand is underserved (less than $900 million)

We are confident that our franchisees can open for business in 8 weeks or less.

There are other junk removal companies- JDog is the only Military Veteran Brand exclusively owned and operated by Military Veterans and their family members

No, but we strongly encourage our franchisees to hire as many veterans as possible. Our corporate team can assist with locating veterans and other labor services including work therapy programs offered by the Veterans Administration.

Trailers are more affordable, easy to manage, can be deployed at multiple locations at the same time, and trailers give our teams easy access to load and sort all items properly for safe removal and disposal or repurposing.