Civilian Advisors

The JDog Civilian Advisors include successful entrepreneurs and business people who understand and appreciate the JDog mission and have the means, resources and time to promote the JDog brand. They also provide the means and assets to support and advance other veteran organizations with whom JDog has relationships.


Steve Cloetingh is Chairman of the JDog Civilian Board of Advisors and a key investor in the JDog brand. Steve business career spans nearly 30 years and he brings a wealth of contacts, business acumen, and influence to the JDog enterprise. For nearly 24 years, Steve built Signal Holdings, LLC, a specialty insurance company that served the wireless communications industry. The business was privately held until it was sold to Assurant Solutions in 2008. Steve serves on the Boards of Gettysburg College (BS 1981) and Malvern Preparatory School.