The JDog Brand

The JDog brand is about feeling great!  People love seeing the camo wrapped truck and trailer, they’ll honk their horns, wave and flash their lights as you drive around town. Every community loves supporting military veterans and military family members. When you enter the customers’ home they will have the peace of mind knowing that their home and belongings will be respected. They trust that the price you quoted is the price they’ll pay and that you’ll leave their home or business clutter free. They’ll be amazed at their new space and new sense of freedom; but most of all, they’ll feel great that they supported a veteran. They will be thankful that you provided such a wonderful service, the military way!

Veteran Related Market 

There is huge population of veterans to whom the JDog franchise model will appeal, not including their family members who are also eligible to purchase a franchise.

veteran-trendsLarge Veteran Constituency in U.S.
—As of 2011 there were nearly 22 million veterans of the U.S. Armed Services, of which 90% were male and 10% female. And while their population is expected to decline through 2040, there will continue to be a significant population that will require services, resources, and employment for the foreseeable future. In terms of age distribution, the largest group is aged 55-64 among men (24%) and 45-54 among women (26%). As for their service, the largest group of veterans are Vietnam era vets (7.3 million). Management believes that the Veterans most likely to consider a JDog franchise are those within the 25 year old to 44 year old categories, which comprise some 5.4 million individuals. If those aged 45 – 54 are also included the relevant target population expands to 10.7 million These figures do not include 1 million more active duty service men who will be discharged from military service in the next five years as described further below, and it does not include family members who further expand the potential audience.



Significant Public Focus on Veteran Affairs—Beginning in the Spring of 2014 there has been enormous press around veteran related affairs, especially surrounding health care for veterans. Controversy surrounding waiting times for access to health care affecting some 120,000 Veterans resulted in the resignation of the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs.   This focus has also brought to the forefront other veteran related issues and causes that require attention.


Massive Demobilization In Progress – One Million Currently Active Service Members to Leave Military by 2019—According to sources management contacted, the U.S. Department of Defense intends to demobilize 1,000,000 active duty-servicemen over the next five years. There is expected to be sharp drawdown in the size of the Army, which a proposed budget calls for reducing to as low as 440,000 active duty soldiers from the current size of 520,000. Other plans include retiring numerous aircraft and weapon systems and related personnel in favor of unmanned options. This demobilization will create more demand for employment options in the private sector – a new landscape that will have a much reduced need for military related experience as military related spending is also reduced dramatically.


Large Troop Withdrawal and Contractor Retirement from AfghanistanJDog’s franchise marketing efforts will be directed solely at U.S. Armed Forces Veterans and their families. It is significant to note that these efforts will correspond to the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, the longest war in U.S. history. Through the end of 2014, over 32,000 U.S. forces will return home after 12 years of fighting. Many of these individuals as well as civilian contractors will be looking for work and seeking employment after military service.